Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 18 February 2016.

These terms and conditions constitute our agreement with you for the hire of artists featured in our online portfolio. These are referred to as our ‘terms’.


Any booking, whether confirmed verbally, electronically or in writing, will be subject to a legally binding contract carrying the following non-negotiable terms and conditions:


The Agency means Wow Entertainment and the advertised artists / information on its entertainment websites
Client means any individual or company that has provided a booking instruction to the Agency for an Artist(s)
Artist means any performer or service required for entertainment.
Electronic means any written information received or sent by email.
Confirmation means any acceptance of booking confirmed verbally, electronically or in writing by both Client and Artist
Force Majeure means unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, resulting in events that we could not have avoided even if we had taken every possible care. Such circumstances include (but are not limited to) war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, unavoidable technical problems with transport, closure or congestion of airports, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire and adverse weather conditions.

Confirmation of booking:

Paperwork including the performance arrangements will be sent electronically to the Client as evidence of the booking Confirmation. A contract will also be sent electronically to the Artist.


The Client is responsible for:

Providing full details of the required performance including timings, venue details, contacts and special requirements
Providing or paying for adequate parking facilities for the artist(s) vehicles
Providing an appropriate and safe environment to perform in which will include a covered performance area on a dry, flat surface and with good access to loading / unloading facilities.
Ensuring performers have access to suitable and secure changing facilities
Ensuring an adequate power supply is available where required
Advising of any sound restrictions at the venue or any other restrictions which may affect an Artists’ access or performance
Providing soft drinks, a hot meal or buffet for each performer (where requested)
Any other reasonable requirements as requested by The Agency or the Artist

The Artist is responsible for:

Advising of any changes to their act which differs from that advertised on the Agency web site(s)
Advising the Agency and the Client when any deputy personnel will be used for performances due to illness or force majeure
Providing a performance similar to that as advertised by the Agency on its web site(s) and promotional material
Arriving, setting up and performing as per times outlined overleaf or, subsequently, negotiated with the client
Providing all equipment deemed necessary for each performance except where a Client has already arranged for equipment to be made available
Ensuring the safety of all equipment used whilst on site and secure the safety of any persons in proximity of the equipment supplied
Performing in a polite and professional manner whilst at any engagement and not to damage the reputation of any party involved
Providing their own public liability insurance for each performance to the minimum value of £1 million
Leaving the facilities as found on completion of the engagement
Paying their own taxes, national insurance and VAT following each engagement
Providing The Agency or the Client with any invoice required for payment of their fee [where requested]


Unless otherwise agreed, any deposit will be payable within 7 days of Confirmation or prior to performance whichever is soonest.
Unless otherwise agreed, any balance payment will be due to the Artist directly and become payable 21 days prior to performance or, if the event is due to take place within 21 days, once the Artist has received a contract.
Should payment not be received prior to performance then the Agency reserves the right to cancel the performance. Any outstanding monies will still be due.

Late payments:

The Confirmation date will appear on the booking paperwork provided by the Agency. Unless otherwise agreed a breach of contract will occur if the deposit is not received within 7 days of Confirmation. The Agency may terminate the contract with the Client and they will be bound by the Cancellation clause above.
Late payments will be subject to additional interest of 8% above the Bank of England base rate. Non-payment of the deposit or balance may incur additional charges and will be recovered by legal action.

Changes to timings on an event:

If an event runs late and requires the Artist to stay later than their scheduled timings on the Booking Documents, the Artist is within their right to request additional fees which can be negotiated directly. Should the delay in timings affect the Artist’s ability to get home after the performance then they can request additional fees to cover their transport costs. The Artist must advise the Client prior to performance on the night.

Extended performances:

Additional fees may be negotiated between the Client and Artist for any extended performance for the contracted performance date above. The Artist reserves the right to refuse any performance outside of the contracted hours. The recommended fee for extended performances is 10% of the total fee for each 30 minute period.

Event media:

Artists may not use any photographs, audio or video recordings from an event for their own publicity without the explicit permission of the Client and the Agency.


To cancel a booking, the Client must inform The Agency immediately and send a cancellation instruction in writing. Cancellation takes effect on the date the written instruction is received by the Agency.

Cancellations made by the Client within 48 hours of their booking will not carry a cancellation fee unless the performance date is within 7 days of booking.
Cancellations made after 48 hours of booking and up to 91 days prior to performance will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the outstanding balance.
Cancellations made 31-90 days prior to performance date will incur a cancellation fee of 75% of the outstanding balance. 100% of the outstanding balance will become due for cancellations made within 30 days prior to performance date.
All payments must be paid by the Client to the Artist within 7 days of cancellation or by the event date -whichever is soonest.
All cancellations will result in the loss of any deposit paid. A deposit will remain payable for any cancellation made after 48 hours of booking. Outstanding payments from bookings and cancellations will be referred to our legal department if not received within 7 days of the due date.

Artists may not cancel for any other reason than ‘Force Majeure’. Should an artist cancel for any reason not covered by Force Majeure, the Agency will offer the Client suitable alternatives. If these alternatives are not acceptable to the Client or the Agency is unable to offer alternative options, the Agency and the Artist will refund the Client any monies received. In addition, the Artist will pay the Agency an amount equal to the deposit plus the Artists fee [if received by the Agency]plus an administration fee of £50 plus the difference in price between the Artists fee and a suitable alternative offered by the Agency that is accepted by the Client. Where an artist is unable to perform due to Force Majeure, the balance for that artist will not be payable. Any balance received will be refunded in full within 7 working days. Booking deposits are non-refundable for any eventuality.


The Client and Artist agree that subsequent bookings within a 12 month period can only be booked directly with The Agency. Artists are not permitted to provide their own promotional material or business cards highlighting their telephone number or contact details. All ‘referrals’ must be directed to the Agency. If the Artist is approached by the Client or a guest, or employee of the Client, the Venue or an employee of the Venue and/or agent then the Artist shall notify the Agency immediately and pay the Agency an amount equivalent to the Deposit that would have been payable had the booking been made with the Agency.


The Agency encourages feedback from the Client for each event so it can make important decisions relating to its portfolio and services. The Agency values Clients and Artists comments and aims to enhance or amend its service based on all feedback received.

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