Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Wow Entertainment?
The same reason you would book a holiday with a reputable travel agent. Our friendly team will help with the planning of your entertainment, make suggestions and provide everything you need for your event such as Public Liability Insurance, PAT Certifications etc. We have a great choice of professional entertainment and you’ll want the peace of mind of knowing your event is secured by contract. Our Terms & Conditions cover all parties and ensure the booking goes according to plan.  Plus, we have years of experience in the events / entertainment industry and know what we’re doing. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your next event is remembered for all the right reasons.
Are the prices what I pay?
The performance details will vary according to your requirements. The Price is a guide to indicative minimum fees for a standard performance. These may vary considerably depending on the number of performers or musicians, duration of performance, equipment provided etc. We always take detailed information about your event before providing you with an accurate quotation of costs plus any travelling expenses. This is the price you pay with no other hidden costs.
Are the acts as good as they look?
Yes. All of our featured artists have been selected because they have a great reputation for their live performances. Where available, we provide videos so you can see the quality of each acts performance. Many of the audio samples will be from artistes studio recordings but we’re sure that you’ll appreciate live music is so much better.

Live Music FAQs

Can I see the band / Singer before I book?
Our bands are professionals who have enough experience that they no longer need to do public gigs. As such, there are very few opportunities to see them perform live before booking.
Will the Band / Singer provide their own equipment?
Most of our bands will have their own sound equipment which is suitable for events with up to approx 100 guests on the dance floor. Many of our artistes also have their own professional sound/lighting engineer who will be happy to liaise with the venues counterpart. Some of our bands carry their own lighting rig but we would recommend checking with us on enquiry. We can arrange larger sound equipment / lighting for larger events.
Can they play special requests?
Most of our party bands will actively encourage audience participation and are guaranteed to give a memorable performance. All of our artistes are happy to perform special requests with advanced notice. Please advise us before your booking is confirmed.

We also recommend selecting some of your favourite songs from artists repertoires and they’ll be happy to play them for your event.

What if my venue has a sound limiter?
A sound limiter stops music being too loud and many venues have them. Our live bands can happily work with sound limiters set to 95db or higher. Anything under this might restrict the type of act you have perform. We’ll be happy to advise on enquiry.
What do I need to provide?
Most of our bands will need a secure changing room, access to a power supply (unless you book an acoustic act), a dry or covered performance space big enough for all the performers and any equipment. We usually ask for soft drinks and a bite to eat for all personnel (where appropriate) as they work very long hours and might not have access to local facilities.

We’ll also need parking to be arranged / paid for.

Will the Band / Singer need a break?
Most of our artists require a minimum 15 minute break during the performance – recorded music will usually be provided during this interval (where appropriate). Some occasions may require a continuous performance which can be arranged prior to suit your event.
How long does it take the act to set up?
Acoustic acts can take as little as 10 minutes. Artists with sound equipment will usually set up in under an hour. We’ll let you know if longer is required. Fees usually include a set up within 1.5 hours prior to performance. Earlier set ups can be arranged for an additional fee.

Enquiry FAQs

How do I make an enquiry?
Simply browse our website by category and when you find an artist that you like you add it to your enquiry basket. When you’re finished browsing just click on your enquiry basket at the top right of your screen, confirm your selections and then proceed to the enquiry form. Once received, we’ll get back to you asap. We like to have a chat about your event so it’s likely we’ll touch base with you to pick up any details and help with any immediate queries you may have.
Am I making a booking when I send my enquiry through?
No. It’s just an enquiry at this stage. Once you’ve received confirmation of the details and pricing then we can let you know their availability, fees, options and advise how to book.

Booking FAQs

How do I make a booking?
You can call us (or let us know and we’ll call you). It’s very similar to booking a holiday. We take some details about you and your event, add them onto our Booking System and then email over your Booking Documents which reflect exactly what you want including the timings, pricing and any other details specific to your booking.
Payment options
You can pay by Bank Transfer, Debit or Credit Card. A Deposit is required to secure your entertainment and balances are due 3 x weeks prior to performance. If your event is within 3 x weeks of booking then the full amount will become payable.
Is my booking secure?
Yes. You have complete peace of mind when booking with Wow Entertainment. Our Terms & Conditions cover all eventualities and all parties so you can relax knowing you get exactly what you’re paying for at your event. We also have back-up options should something very unexpected happen. It’s very rare that this happens but this is one of the benefits of booking with a reputable entertainment agency like Wow Entertainment.
What if I want to cancel or change my booking?
Simply get in touch by email or phone and let us know as soon as possible. Typically, we’ll call you in the run up to your event so we can pick up any changes then. However, if it’s short notice then please notify us or your entertainment immediately so we can accommodate any changes.

If you wish to cancel your booking then you must notify us immediately in writing. Voice messages are not sufficient to confirm a cancellation. Please be aware that all cancellations are covered by our Terms & Conditions.